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Beyblade: Beautiful Griffin C145DEdit

Blader: Jason BayeEdit

First Seen: Beyblade: Storm FuryEdit

Rival: Alex XagmarEdit

Special Move: Sooping DiveEdit

Type: BalanceEdit

Jason BayeEdit

Jason Baye is one of the Legend Bladers in Beyblade: Storm Fury. He is a very strong blader. He is in Team Storm Breakers. Their team wants to break other people`s beyblade. They like causing mischeif. For now, the leader of Team Storm Breakers is Jason Baye. They were supposed to have a leader but before the leader met the members of Team Storm Breakers, the leader left his team. Jason had thought that it was his mission to find the leader. He was sure that if he trained hard the leader would come back. Jason and Beautiful Griffin had the same heart. Jason always won his battles until Team Serpent beat his team. He felt as if he lost everything. Griffin got sad because of Jason`s emotions. Griffin had no choice. So he tried his best to evolve into another beyblade. After that happened, Jason`s life changed.

Beautiful Griffin BeastEdit

Beautiful Griffin`s Special Move is Swooping Dive. A giant beast named Griffin comes out and flies super high and swoops down very fast that it will slice the other beyblade sometimes. Griffin has a wolf like head with hyena like ears. Griffin has the mouth of a cheetah. It also has a lion mane. It also has dragon arms with claws. It`s legs are like a bear. It has Pegasis wings on it. That is why Griffin is one of the best beasts. It is a very dangerous beast. No one would want to be near this beast.

Parts of  Beautiful GriffinEdit

Face Bolt