Dragoon S

Beyblade: Dragoon StormEdit

Blader: Tyson GrangerEdit

First Seen: BeybladeEdit

Rival: Kai HiwatariEdit

Special Move: Storm AttackEdit

Type: AttackEdit

Tyson GrangerEdit

Tyson Granger is the leader of Team BladeBreakers. His goal is to be the #1 blader in the world. He has navy blue hair with and half blue/red cap. He has black eyes. He has a red jacket on top of a yellow shirt with a white collar. He has blueish gray pants. He has red, blue, and white sneakers. At first he is introduced to be cocky, confident, and fearless blader who strived to be the Number 1 blader which is why Tyson is kind of like Masamune Kadoya. Over his life, Tyson has matured and has taken his responsibility from being a young man in beyblade. Tyson is also popular. Once, Kai Hiwatari and Tyson Granger were enemies. Now they are close friends. They held a powerful bond and they became very strong bladers. Tyson`s hat originally belonged to  his older brother, Hiro Granger who passed it on to Tyson. Tyson Granger is a very special blader and cares about wht`s in his heart.

Dragoon Storm BeastEdit

Dragoon 02
Dragoon Storm`s Special Move is Victory Tornado. A large dragon named Dragoon comes out and gathers a huge amount of wind and turns it into a tornado and slashes it on the opponent. Dragoon has white eyebrows with red eyes. It has a blue body. It`s belly is sky blue. In between it`s legs, there is a little yellow. It`s knee caps are black on a gray leg. It`s foot is gray with black spots. It has 4 white sharp claws on each leg. It is the element of water. Dragoon is a very strong beyblade.

Techniques of Dragoon StormEdit

Beyblade Episode 6 - Dragoon Storm 2 2 HQ-0

Beyblade Episode 6 - Dragoon Storm 2 2 HQ-0

Dragoon Storm has some perculiar techniques. One technique matters on the way he launches. For example, when he shoots upside-down, Dragoon`s friction will change. When, a different beyblade attacks this beyblade, it will not damage Dragoon too much. Instead, it will damage the opponent`s beyblade. It is a very strange technique but it really worked. This technique is supposed to work anywhere Tyson will launch his beyblade, Dragoon Storm. It is a possibility for the other beyblade to break into pieces.

Toy of Dragoon StormEdit

Bclassic 01
You can now go to House & Home and buy Dragoon Storm for $3.00. You will also get a V-Force launcher with this beyblade. You will get a performance tip that is combined with the spin track. Your beyblade, Dragoon Storm will have green plastic blades on the beyblade. You normally have to put it inside the beyblade. Sometimes, when you are battling, it might come out and will attack the other beyblade with these blades. You will also get a sticker of Dragoon to put on the beyblade`s facebolt. ( Sometimes the sticker will already be put on. ) This beyblade is very epic. If you want to see this beyblade battling, go down.

Dragoon Storm UnboxingEdit

Beyblade Dragoon S Anime Version Takara Unboxing

Beyblade Dragoon S Anime Version Takara Unboxing