Falborg (Bey)

Beyblade: Falborg Edit

Blader: Bryan KuznetsovEdit

First Seen: Beyblade: 2000Edit

Rival: Ray KonEdit

Special Move: StroblitzEdit

Type: AttackEdit

Bryan KuznetsovEdit

Bryan Knzetsov is a emotionless blader. He is a member of Team Demolition Boys and prefers to attack the blader instead of the beyblade. He has light pink hair.  In one of the tournaments, he plays with Ray Kon in the World Finals. He uses the air as a weapon and Ray had to be sent to a hospital. Bryan was trained and raised Abbey along with Tala, Spencer, Ian, and Kai. The harsh training modeled him into a cold, mean blader. He is the incarnation of viciousness. He uses Falborg`s wind to physically attack the beyblade as well as the blader. He also broke part of the stadium purposely to make a piece go into Ray`s stomach. Driger, Ray`s beyblade was so mad that it attacked Falborg very fiercely and Bryan was very shocked. He left the team and came back in Beyblade G-Revolution.

Falborg BeastEdit

Falborg`s Special Move is Stroblitz. A Harp Eagle named Falborg comes out and strikes at the beyblade fiercely. Falborg has a pair of red eyes. It has a yellow beak. It`s wings are the color of a tropical parrot. It`s tail is the same color. It`s feet are yellow with gray claws. It has a yellow belly. It has some white feathers on it. Falborg listens to any command that Bryan gives it. Falborg would risk it`s own life for Bryan. It is the element of air. Falborg is a very strong beyblade.

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Techniques of FalborgEdit

Bryan Kuznetsov

Bryan Kuznetsov