Beyblade: Guardian Garudas TC145PFEdit

Blader: Karura Edit

First Seen: Beyblade: Shogun SteelEdit

Rival: DNA BladersEdit

Special Move: N/AEdit

Type: DefenseEdit


Karura has goldish yellow eyes and a dark skin tone. He has light baby blue hair spiked up in a mohawk while the rest of his head is shaved. He wears blue face paint which is a tribute to Kai Hiwatari. He wears white bandages that cover his body and half of his face to make him look like a ninja and on his arms he wears baby blue forearm bands with gold straps. He then wears a navy blue buckled sleeveless jacket and a shaggy white scarf over top. On his lower body, Karura wears white baggy pants that go his shins amd he wears a peach coloured belt with a gold buckle. For his feet , he wears navy blue socks.

Guardian Garudas BeastEdit

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Guardian Garudas`s beast is a massive bird named Garudas. Garudas has yellow had with a horn on the back. It`s wing color is a pattern of red and yellow. It has no neck. It has a torn instead of legs. It is a defense type beyblade. It is the element of God element. It is one of the Ultimate Beyblades

Techniques of Guardian GarudasEdit

Beyblade Shogun Steel Episode 22 English Dubbed Part 2 HD Doji's Stronghold

Beyblade Shogun Steel Episode 22 English Dubbed Part 2 HD Doji's Stronghold

Karura uses a technique that is cheating to help the DNA. He tells other bladers that he is able to control nature. The truth is he battles in areas that have volcanoes underneath. He memorizes the time and makes the opponent`s beyblade get burst in fire. He also memorizes when the wind will blow and he dodges the wind and the wind strikes at the other beyblade. Since he knows when the wind will strike, he jumps and the lightnings strikes it and Guardian Garudas gets more stamina when the lightning bolt effects the other beyblade. If the other blader finds out Karura`s technique, Karura is in trouble.