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Blader: AgumaEdit

First Seen: Beyblade: Metal FuryEdit

Rival: Kyoya Tategami Edit

Special Move: Great Ring of DestructionEdit

Type: StaminaEdit


Aguma is from the Beylin Fist. His goal is to beat every single blade in the universe. He is a legendary blader. Aguma is also the Solar System beyblade of Saturn. Aguma has brown spiky hair, large eyebrows, and purple eyes that are similar ro the color of Kronos`s dark purple aura. When Aguma gets heated up in a battle he uses his Special Move and his eyes turn red. He appears to be very large and muscular and wears a light brown cape with a hood land, a large purple sleeveless shirt with yellow highlights. He wears white bandage-like attchments on his left arm with brown gloves cut for the fingers to be exposed. He also wears a brown belt, and dark blue pants. His best friend is Bao. Beylin Fist`s goal is to crush Beylin Temple`s legacy. Aguma`s ancestor was part of the Solar System Bladers too.  

Scythe Kronos BeastEdit

Scythe Kronos`s Special Move is Great Ring of Destruction. A large skeleton named Kronos comes out and blows up the wind level and a ring is formed and any beyblade that will attack will damage it`s own beyblade. Kronos has a blue violet jacket with a hood. It`s head is a skull. It has white hands. It wears a skull necklace. It has a very strong purple ax. It is very dangerous against normal bladers. It is and incredible stamina type beyblade. However it is able to switch to an attack type beyblade. Kronos is a very strong beyblade.

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Techniques of Scythe Kronos Edit

HD Beyblade AMV Death Quetzalcoatl vs Scythe Kronos-0

HD Beyblade AMV Death Quetzalcoatl vs Scythe Kronos-0

Scythe Kronos has quite unusual techniques. One technique is that it will keep on clashing with the other beyblade. His Special Move is Great Ring of Destruction. A strong wind comes and drains the other beyblade. It is very dangerous. When, Aguma changes into 4D MODE. Almost  nothing can stop him from winning. When Aguma is holding back, he is still strong enough to beat some bladers. Aguma is a very strong blader.

Parts of Scythe KronosEdit

Face Bolt